Getting started with Canva - the BASICS

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This fabulous Canva course has over 20 videos showing you how to use the free version of Canva to help you create amazing documents, social media posts, business proposals and so much more. 

This course is perfect for you if you are just starting out in business and/or want to keep your business costs to a minimum and do it all yourself. The videos are easy to follow PLUS you get access to the Q&A Facebook Group so you can ask questions about the content of the course and any queries you may have. The Facebook Group is only available to signed-up members of this course.

I would love the chance to help you navigate through this awesome software enabling you to create amazing and eye-catching graphics, documents, and social media posts.

Canva is a brilliant product and is used by millions across the world. When you are starting out in business you tend to want to do it all for yourself to keep costs down. Learn how to use this brilliant software to create documents, social media posts, banners, posters and so much more.

Come and join us!

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 Getting started with Canva - The BASICS
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